The enterprise culture

 "To gather it, with money sowing de" is the corporate philosophy of howard. Over the years, Howard in the development, but also formed a unique corporate culture. "To gather before sowing to Choi de" has been popular, become the driving force of spirit hold the long-term development of the cause.

"To Germany together before, is Howard talent. "The gentleman morality to loading, its essence is" people-oriented "". Howard attract talents with a strong brand value, treat people with humane care, wide development space to retain talent. Howard with good corporate harmony, pragmatic, enterprising, dedication of the atmosphere. Under the promotion of "solidarity and unity" of the enterprise cohesion, Howard has created a brilliant.
"Money sowing virtue" is the core concept of enterprise'. Haud career has achieved good social and economic benefits, haud not only pay attention to its development, and actively participate in the glorious cause of the great journey, adhering to the glorious cause "both moral and benefit, the virtue of both purpose, haud is eager to return to the community, over the years, the cumulative to the social welfare, education and culture, flood relief, new rural construction charitable donations of more than 1.2 billion yuan. 
As Howard group chairman of the board of directors Wang Zaixing said, "we use more than 20 years, only to write a German word"!